Uber now targets India by expanding it service

Uber, the ride hailing service is a world famous transportation network and is successful in many cities across the globe. It has been making record breaking market revenue in many countries. However, the US-based company is also known for its endless controversies around the world. Few countries have even banned the service from operating in its cities. Recently, a cab driver from Uber was responsible for a brutal sexual assault on New Delhi-based woman. The news went viral and many people raised their voices against the service. The service was temporarily banned by the government in the state. Ola, the local service in India gained success and fame during Uber’s temporary exit

Despite all the controversies and publicity stunts, Uber is now all set to rule in India again because of the country’s growing market. The company believes it has a better future in India and can make record breaking market revenue. The company is now planning to invest $1 billion in order to expand its service in many cities across the country. Ola is Uber’s local rival in India that has good features for its users. The company must work on a plan before people’s favorite Ola takes over its place.

Uber is currently working to expand its service in 7 more cities and looking to implement features that would perfectly suit the Indian economy. The company has been successful in many countries and is now hoping to leave a mark in India as well. You will have to wait and watch!

Licensing committee says no to Uber ride sharing service

Uber, the online transportation network is the most used service in many cities across the globe. Uber has many features that play an important role in its service. Uber is known for its success stories and controversies as well. It has also been banned in many countries due to its illegal and unregulated service. The tragic story continues in Canada as well, the Canadian government has banned the private car service UberX. The lawsuit is a huge drawback for the private drivers who are paying the bills with their daily wages. Many people are against the licensing committee for rejecting the handy service from Uber.

Uber has a lot of contenders and most of them are local services. This was great news to the local drivers since Uber was the biggest threat to them. Many local taxi drivers have become jobless since Uber started its campaign. But the temporary ban on its private car service UberX would make the drivers to get back on the track. However, Uber is not very happy with the licensing committee’s severe action. Uber has promised its dedicated users that it will bring its service back in Toronto.

The loss of UberX would cause severe impact on its market revenue because several Uber users are hooked on to this service. The city officials are more concerned about people’s security and do not want to take risks. Many private drivers from Toronto have protested against the licensing committee in order to bring the service back to the city.

Uber To Expand Its Service In Middle East, North Africa

Uber, a ride hailing company comes up with its new idea of expanding its services in the Middle East, North Africa where there is a wide spread in the ride sharing market.

Uber also has a plan to extend its service in some cities of Saudi Arabia and Egypt and is further entering Pakistan. This investment will be carried out to some paying drivers, Uber applications and expanding staff. Succeeding in this deal will help Uber to shine well in its global business.

The Egyptian capital Cairo is considered to be a fast growing city of Uber in Europe, Africa and Middle East. The number of Uber drivers has been rising since the month of May. Most of the drivers in Egypt were unemployed before they join this service.

Uber is already provided with Uberpooling facilities in some cities, which enable the passengers to pick up passengers who are pointing to the same location. It also provides customers with a facility to get a taxi through single swipe from their smartphones, instead of booking for a taxi.

Uber works with two non governmental organizations in order to provide recycling pickup through the app. The company is preparing itself for meeting challenges in a region well known for its social and political confusions. Through this service, they moved tons of materials across the world.

Ubes faces heavy competition from some local’s apps such as Careem, which operates in many countries, which includes Pakistan, Kuwait, Egypt and many more.

Uber is a super hero that could save us from the deadly “yellow cabs”

Uber, the ride hailing service has been a savior for many citizens across the country. The so called “yellow cabs” are being a huge disgrace to the city and many people even fear to take the cabs. No offence to all the yellow cab drivers, but some drivers get involved in controversies like sexual harassment, kidnapping and many more crimes. Some don’t even make it to headlines, politics much? Nevertheless, due to these increasing crime rates, people now prefer Uber service and many other local services as well. Uber has offered a lot of features for its users and it is a lot safer than yellow cabs. Also, Lyft does equally good service to its users and has useful features as well

The yellow cab drivers are even involved in discrimination incidents and several riders have been brutal victims to them. The drivers would offer rides to people based on their looks, would you believe it? It is very disturbing and disgusting as well; the city officials must do something to avoid such mishaps. The city’s disgrace should be banned forever before it ruins the name.

Many people are now using the services from Uber and it has grown to be a trustworthy company. It is considered as the super hero that would save us from evil forces or also known as “yellow cabs”. But surge pricing in Uber could be a nuisance to its users and affect its success story.

Uber supplies Ice Cream To Singapore Customers Using Drones

Uber started its new feature of delivering Ice creams to customers in Singapore by using Drones. The ride hailing company is doing this service of supplying ice cream for four years in 57 countries.

This technique makes Uber’s name stand out among its rivals and enable people to choose the service. The company is operating in a unique way by using flying machines for its product delivery.

If a customer requests for food, he will get the food delivered by Uber driver or runner. Customer can easily order for an ice cream by using Uber app along with sweet dessert, which will be delivered within a few seconds. Ice cream will be free of cost in some places, but elsewhere money will be reduced from your Uber account.

Customers who are in bad mood or if they like to be a kid again, they can order it anytime through #UberIceCream, which is considered to be a global promotion and simple process for Uber customers.

In some areas of Singapore near to Marina, drones are not allowed as license and permits are required for drone operation.

Uber is fully involved in its marketing to build up customer satisfaction, promoting its new ice cream feature and increase its competition with other rivals. It is heard that Uber will soon team up with Chinese smartphone maker across Singapore and Malaysia to deliver their phones within one hour of ordering by using Uber app. Here customer doesn’t have to wait for days to get their product.